November 7, 2018

Who doesn’t love a big, juicy, nutritious salad that has it all: greens, proteins, fats and fiber? In a busy day a quick salad can be a real life saver. Yet, it’s easy to go overload and turn a healthy salad into a heavy meal loaded with calories. Caesar dressing, sugary dried fruit, candied nuts and fatty cheeses are just part of the temptations that you could face. To create the perfect balanced salad you need to choose the ingredients carefully. Bellow, we are breaking downs exactly how to build the healthiest and most delicious salad at the salad bar next to your office, the grocery store or your home. Keep scrolling and try it out! 



Instead of the usual iceberg lettuce, pick a dark leafy green for a base of your salad, such as kale, spinach or arugula. 



Go for sweet orange vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin and sweet potato to help you manage your post-meal sweet-tooth cravings. Broccoli, avocado and Brussels sprouts are other nutrient-dense plants that are a great addition to your salad. Avoid any ingredients that are pre-soaked in oils such as olives, sun-dried tomatoes or cappers. 



Load up your salad on a lean clean protein. Baked salmon, skinless chicken or turkey, lean beef or hardboiled organic eggs are some of the great options. If you are vegetarian or vegan go for quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, tofu or shitake mushrooms. Skip anything with mayonnaise like tuna, egg, chicken or Russian salads. 



Either skip or go light on the cheese in your salad. Our advice is to pick a type that has a strong flavour so you won’t have to put too much of it. Feta, mozzarella and Parmesan are your best bets. 



Go easy on the toppings and pick clean options such as raw nuts and seeds. Linseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds are always great options, but be mindful on their quantity. Avoid starchy carbs toppings such as croutons, noodles or crackers. 



The dressing is usually the final touch on your salad, and the one that can add the most calories to your meal. A simple olive oil-apple cyder vinegar combination is the best choice. Avoid anything that contains mayonnaise, sugar or too much salt. 



To make your meal even healthier avoid any sodas, packed juices or dairy-based smoothies full of fruit and sugar. Stick to a lush green smoothie or a green juice loaded with collard and dark greens. 

Go ahead and try our amazing Almond-Kale Salad. Find the recipe here. 

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