September 19, 2018


There are thousands of studies that have proven the powerful benefits of meditation. Whether it’s by decreasing stress, improving mental clarity and energy, or fostering creativity, research shows that mindfulness really works. Meditation is an excellent tool to incorporate into your daily routine, especially during busy, stressful times. As a matter of fact, some of the most successful business visionaries and innovators in history have been dedicated meditators. By embracing this magical practice you can focus your internal lens and bring greater clarity and peace into your life.


Here are some more benefits of meditation:

  • Helps with addiction, depression, anxiety and stress

  • Mitigates cognitive function and eating disorders, especially Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

  • Improves balance

  • Reduces blood pressure 

  • Balances hormone levels 

Sitting in complete peace, confronting your thoughts and switching of entirely, is challenging and even intimidating for many people. You are one of them? No worries! With our simple trick you will be able to incorporate meditation into your lifestyle and reap all the wonderful benefits in no time! 


Identify your why
The first thing to do before starting a meditation routine is to get clear on WHY you want to do it.  Are you looking for a specific way that you want it to make you feel? Is there a goal that you have? Perhaps a specific issue that you want to fix? If you’re clear on your intentions, you’re more likely to commit and see the benefits. 


Take it one step at a time
Start with 5-10 minutes a day and work your way up to 20–30 minutes if it suits your schedule, needs and naturel. It’s always better to meditate for 5 minutes every day, than for an hour once a week. Even just several minutes of meditation can have a great impact on your overall health and wellbeing. 


Be committed
Establishing a routine is essential for meditation. Consistency and daily commitment is the key to a powerful and truly beneficial meditation routine. 

Pick a modality that suits you
Experiment to find out what type and way of meditation works for you best. Don’t limit yourself to what’s popular or what the people around you are doing. However, guided meditation is a great start for a beginner. If you are a tech-oriented person, try meditating with an app.
Calm and Headspace are great options. Repeating a mantra or meditation over soft music is another gentle way to enter the world of meditation.  




Create a home sanctuary

It is always so much easier to commit to something when done in the right setting. Find a spot at your home and create your very own sanctuary. Make an altar with pictures of your guru, if you have one, or of your loved ones. Light a few aroma candles and sticks, play some soft yogi music, and start your practice. 


Try meditating in nature

Nature is the most calming setting that one could find for a meditation session. The clean air, the soft sounds of Mother Nature and the overall peace that nature brings into our mind, body and soul, is a magical mixture that we recommend you trying.  

Meditate in a group
Meditating in a group setting may allow you to feel more connected, engaged and motivated. But if you think that the presence of other people would ruin your peace and will distract you, then meditating on your own at home or in nature is an option. 

For more mindfulness inspiration read also HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT SELF-CARE SUNDAY. 

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