She who flows like water and dances like the wind. She who breathes with the ocean and emerges from the mystical cocoon of the moon. She whose glorious name is Delamay Devi is the inspiration for this interview.  


Delamay is one of those rare people whose gentle energy, radiating light and humble heart conquer you without a fight.  She is the creator Delamay Devi Yoga: a yoga mentorship and retreats programme that offers inspiration, knowledge and joy to yoga lovers all around the world. She is also a yogi jewellery and clothes designer (check out her brands Devi Designs and Sri Wraps). But Delamay is so much more that just a Prana yoga teacher who offers retreats, training and yoga goodies. She is there for you to help you change your life, live your dreams and be adventurous, brave and free. In this interview we talk about the flow in life and how to find it; Delamay’s sources of inspiration and creativity; and how she deals with the challenges and the busyness of life. 


2HB:Finding your flow in yoga looks simple: you just follow your breath and the flow of the asanas. But what is your advice for finding your flow in life?

D: Being a teacher or student of flow teaches you so much. For me, it has become an invaluable tool for living in rhythm with the seasons, the moon cycles and natural ebb and flow of daily life. From how I navigate life's challenges to how I plan the day and being able to recognise when it's time to shift gears and change course. I really believe, my approach and experience in  breath and movement on the mat is a reflection of how I approach and experience life.


2HB: Have you found yours?

D: In the past I have tried to push, pull or influence the organic unfolding of life and it just doesn't work! I just end up being more stressed and frustrated at things not going how I expect. Just like the tide or a river it too has its own unique way of flowing and I am constantly learning to trust the process, knowing all will be revealed when the timing is ripe. It can be challenging for us passionate beings but it's a wonderful way to cultivate patience!


2HB: How do you usually move into life: like Water (Jala) or like Earth (Bhumi), Air (Hridaya) or Fire (Agni)?

D: I am an air sign so my natural tendencies is to flow, to float around doing multiple things at once and going off on tangents, being creatively distracted and inspired by the world around me. It's easy for me to move through life like Water and Air but it's vital for me to stay connected to the Earth so I don't get carried away while my inner Fire keeps blazing bright, propelling me forward with clarity and motivation.


2HB: You travel all around the world, doing workshops, teacher trainings and immersions, inspiring thousands of people. Who inspires you?

D: Life, unique individuals, creative expression and authentic living inspires me. The yoga industry has become so saturated with lots of the same offerings which is wonderful as it means there is something for everyone but I also feel the substance is diluted so staying connected to source, the classical teachings and the essence of yoga keeps me going. I am forever grateful for my long time teacher, mentor and friend Shiva Rea for her dedication, translation and consistent positive example of living and breathing yoga out in the world.


2HB: What hobbies inspire you to connect with your creative source?

D: I am a highly creative person with many projects on the go at once. I love witnessing bringing ideas to life through designing jewellery and clothing with my Devi Designs brand. I use to paint a lot and on the road I occasionally find myself drawing and doodling abstract patterns but being a lover of movement I find 5 Rhythms and Yoga Trance Dance incredibly inspirational. Movement gifts me so much joy, I receive insights, visions and ideas on the dance floor when my mind is silent and body in motion. Movement is my medicine!


2HB: With the intense way of living that you have, how do you juggle it all and maintain a practice of self-love?

D: I see everyday as an opportunity to practice self love. Creating space to practice, to meditate, to dance, to dream, to walk barefoot on the earth, to watch nature in all her glory and to acknowledge when my nervous system needs to pause, stop and recalibrate. Spending time with love ones and close friends is very for filling for me, having real conversations about life, love, spirituality, consciousness and all the things which matter without the masks or pretences is a daily Sadhana of self love.


2HB: How do you stay motivated when you get derailed from the health wagon or are feeling a heavy dose of jetlag syndrome?

D: I am blessed with a pretty strong constitution which can handle travel, different environments and change. It's very rare for me to catch a bug or a cold but if I do feel a slight tingle in my throat or notice my energy is drained I act. I do what I can to balance Vata and support my immune system, I eat garlic and ginger, take vitamin C and other supplements if necessary, I make sure I'm warm and if I feel sleepy I will have a nap knowing my body needs time to restore. I wish there was a quick fix for jet lag but the best solution is to give yourself time while you adjust to the time zone by sleeping and eating at relatively normal times. 


2HB: Thinking back on your career so far, is there a specific event or memory that warms your heart?

D: Ah so many things! I love welcoming groups to my Bali retreats, seeing the wonderment in their eyes for the first time makes my heart smile. Receiving invitations to be part of likeminded festivals and on and offline events is always a warming experience. Launching the very first Prana Flow affiliate yoga teacher training across Australia a few years ago was a pretty pivotal point for me. And that moment about six years ago when I realised I have the power to do it alone! I love to collaborate with others but sometimes things don't go as planned so we need to claim back our power and just go for it! 


If you are interested in experiencing Delamay’s extraordinary energy and you are you a yogi with a lust for transformational adventures and life of luxury with ample time to deepen your physical and spiritual connection to your practice, then register for Delamay’s upcoming retreat in the magical sun-drenched Balearic island of Ibiza! There is a special offer for all the 2health app-ers out there! Just a few slots are left so hurry up!


For more Prana Flow Yoga inspiration check out also our interview with the charismatic Juan Gabriel. To read click here. 


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