Perfectly imperfect. That’s the way my body is postpartum. A few stretchmark’s here and there; a small tummy pooch from the emergency c section; some extra fat on my hands; a little too much orange skin on my thighs. My body will probably never be the same as it was pre-baby again. But neither will I. And that’s quite all right. It really is.


The truth is that the social media myths about body perfection put an immense amount of pressure on all of us. We see all these mysterious creatures that three months postpartum are back to being all six-packed, skinny and toned. What we don’t see behind these photos, however, is the health-damaging supplements, exhausting diets, photoshopping and posing that make ‘perfection’ so curated and fraudulent. I believe that it’s time to get real about postpartum bodies and debunk those social media myths. 


Physically, emotionally and mentally I will never be the same again. That’s what motherhood does to you and that’s part of the magical process called ‘becoming a mother’. It's normal to experience some specific physical and mental side effects after growing and delivering a real live human being. But I wouldn’t call them imperfections and I wouldn’t try to hide or photoshop them. I actually call them new-perfections and I am proud of them.



It wasn’t always this way, I must admit. The first few months after I gave birth to my son I was really hating the way my body had changed. I would think about the last pre-pregnancy year and dream about the way that my body was at that time: really fit, toned and well sculpted. But then I realised: there is no point in thinking about the past ME. She’s gone forever. I will never be the same again. My life will never be the same. I am a mother now. I’ve managed to co-create and grow a baby for 9 months, and finally give birth to him. I’ve become a mother. From an ordinary woman I’ve turned into a superwoman. So little by little I learned how to appreciate and cherish all the changes that I was, and I still am, experiencing. That doesn’t mean that I am not working on myself and that I am not trying to become healthier, happier and more balanced. I am. Every single day. It just means that for me this is a process, a healing, purifying process, and not a destination. 


Loving yourself and being kind to yourself is the key into this process. Give yourself time to heal. Be patient, be brave, embrace your new-perfections and love your body for what it has done. Don’t hate, photoshop or condemn it. You aren’t how you used to be and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL: prepartum, postpartum and forever! 

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