December 23, 2017

Creating the perfect healthy Christmas menu is no longer an issue. We have the exact recipes for you here!


Delve into our balanced and nutritious menu, full of real, whole foods!


Instead of having your main dish/dishes with carb-heavy sides such as mashes potatoes or rice, try having them with veggies. A big green salad is always a good, healthier and lighter option. The extra fiber will ease your digestion and will help you not to overeat. Try our amazing Holidays Almond-Kale Salad:


Serves 1

Prep. time: 5 min

Total time: 5 min



2 cups kale, washed, finely chopped

5-6 cherry tomatoes, cut in 4

½ cucumber, pilled and chopped

½ red pepper, chopped

½ avocado, chopped

2 tbsp. almond flakes

3-4 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp. unpasteurized vinegar


Directions: Combine everything in a large bowl and mix well, using your hand, massaging gently. Serve and enjoy. 


As a main dish make this balanced meat dish:


Cinnamon Chicken with Port Wine


Per 2 serving

Prep time 5min

Total time 60min




2 large free-range whole chicken legs

A handful of olives

6 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

1 tsp. cinnamon

A handful of ripe cherry tomatoes  

½ lemon, sliced into thin rounds

Some fresh rosemary

100 ml. Port wine

Himalayan salt and freshly cracked black pepper



  • Preheat the oven to 180 C  (fan). Wash and dry the chicken legs and place them in a roasting dish.

  • Scatter the olives on top, put the rosemary and drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle with the cinnamon, black pepper and salt, putting equally on both sides of the chicken pieces.

  • Transfer the dish into the oven and cook for 30 min.

  • Top with the tomatoes, the lemon slices and Port wine then cook for further 20-30 min. 


Try to balance the heavy acidic foods such as dairy, meat, sugar and alcohol with plenty of healthy, alkaline formers like fruit and greens. We already have the kale salad on the menu, but adding a lush green juice will balance the acidity in your stomach even more. Make our Xmas Green Detox:


2 stalk celery

½ cucumber 

1 lemon

A handful of fresh parsley

1 green apple

A smaller bunch of mixed kale

Some water 



Put all ingredients in the juicer. Add the water in the end. Enjoy! 


Finishing the Christmas lunch/dinner with a dessert is a must. You can indulge, yet keep it healthy. Try our Vegan Christmas Muffins with Carrots and Pumpkin with a cup of our rich, vegan, refined-sugars free Christmas Hot Chocolate on the side. 


Vegan Christmas Muffins with Carrots and Pumpkin


Makes 24 muffins

Prep time 10min

Total time 40min

(makes 24 muffins)


Dry ingredients:

2 cups gluten free plain white flour blend

1/4 cup light brown sugar

1 tbsp. ground flax seed

1 tsp. organic baking powder

1 tsp. gluten free baking soda

1 tsp. cinnamon

3/4 tsp. ground ginger

3/4 tsp. nutmeg

1/2 tsp. Himalayan salt


Wet ingredients + Mix-ins:

1/3 cup + 2 tbsp. pure maple syrup

1/3 cup coconut butter, melted

1/2 cup almond milk

1/4 cup + 3 tbsp. water

1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract

1/2 tsp. rum extract

1/2 tsp. pure orange extract

The juice and zest of one mandarin

½ cup finely grated carrots

½ cup finely grated pumpkin

1/2 cup dried cherries, soaked in water and drained

1/3 cup chopped raw walnuts



  • Preheat oven to 180C (fan) and line a muffin tin with liners.

  • Whisk all dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

  • In a smaller bowl, whisk together the wet ingredients (maple syrup, coconut butter, coconut milk, water, vanilla, rum, orange extracts, mandarin zest and water).

  • Fold in the carrots, pumpkin, walnuts and cherries into the wet ingredients.

  • Add the wet mixture into the dry and mix until just incorporated.

  • Scoop batter into the muffin liners, filling batter to the top.

  • Bake until a toothpick comes out clean. Be careful not to overcook them and let them dry too much.

  • Put aside to cool.


Christmas Hot-Chocolate


Serves 1

Prep.time 5min

Total time 5min



300 ml almond milk or any other diary, gluten and soya free nut milk that you fancy

2 tbsp. raw cacao powder

Some fresh vanilla bean or ¼ tsp. pure vanilla extract

A large pinch of cinnamon

A small pinch of nutmeg

2 tbsp. maple syrup



  • Place the milk in a small pot over medium low heat (keep one Tbs. if the milk aside).

  • Meanwhile, place the cocoa powder, maple syrup, and that extra tablespoon of milk in a small bowl. Whisk until a thick mixture forms.

  • Add additional tablespoon of milk, if needed. Whisk the cocoa mixture into the milk.

  • Heat till hot but not boiling.

  • Stir in the vanilla extract, the nutmeg and the cinnamon.

  • Pour into a mug and enjoy!


For more Christmas inspiration read HOW TO STAY HEALTHY DURING THE HOLIDAYS.

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