April 19, 2017


Making excuses is one of the main reasons why people are not able to sustain a stable, long-lasting healthy way of living. They usually point out the same few reasons for that: 


<<I don’t have the time to work out regularly or to cook at home. I simply work too much. >>


<<Healthy food is so expensive and so difficult to supply. I can’t afford it.>>


<<I find it hard to follow a diet. I lose interest and motivation very quickly.>>


<<I am stressed and food is my way to deal with it. >>


The truth is that eating and being healthier is not a rocket science. If you follow these four simple rules, you’ll find that all your excuses and reasons for not being healthy will fade away in no time and without any special effort. 


“Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.”


Usually people who are willing to start a healthy way of living are looking for clean, simple rules and dietary advice to follow. “Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” is a simple, yet powerful mantra that the famous professor Michael Pollan from UC Berkley strongly advocates. It is a great mantra to follow for those of you who are making their baby steps in a healthier life.

Lets try to see the essence of this mantra. 


Eat food. But real, natural food, not pre-packed, highly processed ‘foods’ that lack in fiber and antioxidants, and are full of refined sugars and fats. Eat well, yet control your calorie intake and restrain yourself from overeating. And lastly, emphasize on the plant-based foods and limit the consumption of animal products. It is proven that people who eat lots of plant foods tend to have much better health and longevity than people who eat a heavy meat diet. 


So sum-up: if you want to keep it clean and simple when it comes to choosing food try replacing the highly processed foods in your diets with reasonable amounts of real food, including plenty of plant-based foods. This is basically all you need to know about healthy eating. It’s easy, isn’t it? 


Always have these fundamental ingredients in your house. 


After the Second World War women had to enter the workforce in significant numbers. This meant that women stopped cooking as much at home as they used to do and the processed food industry began to capitalize on the need for cheap and fast convenient food. With this the average person’s caloric intake increased dramatically, the quality of the food got worse and we, as a society, started fighting chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity in epidemic proportions.


Eating home-cooked meals is one of the main rules of a healthy way of living. By cooking you can control what’s in your food. Making home-cooked meals is not as difficult and time-consuming as people think, especially if you have certain basic ingredients in the kitchen at all times. The average person would find it challenging to cook on a regular basis if they had to shop for ingredients every single day.  These basics allow you to pull together a healthy, delicious meal in very little time, even if you happen to get home late from work. 


There are no hard and fast rules for what these ingredients should be, but whatever they are they should be ingredients that support the flavors of the foods you enjoy eating. 


Here is an example of a decent list: 

  •  olive oil

  •  coconut oil

  •  onions

  •  lemons

  •  Himalayan salt 

  •  bananas (and other fresh fruit)

  •  carrots (and other fresh veggies)

  •  chopped tomatoes in a can

  •  spinach (fresh and frozen)

  •  nut milk

  •  coconut milk in a can

  •  multigrain pasta

  •  brown rice

  •  mixed lentils

  •  tuna and salmon in a can

  •  dried basil

  •  dried oregano

  •  fresh parsley


With these ingredients on hand it's not hard to transform just about any fresh food into a meal and allows us to apply some of the same cooking principals to many different foods which make cooking easier. 


Increase your fresh fruit and vegetable intake.


It is a fact that the typical Western Diet is very much based on animal products consumption: meat, dairy, eggs. Which means that it lacks the amount and variety of plant based foods that human beings need to protect their long-term health and maintain a healthy weight. If you wish to improve your diet, increasing your daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is essential. 


Many people tend to buy less veggies and fruits, as they believe that they always have to buy organic, which usually doesn’t suit their budgets. The truth is that you don't have to eat organic to eat well. If you can afford organic that would be great. But if you can’t than this is certainly not a reason why you shouldn’t be consuming fresh fruit and veggies. Better to eat pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables than none at all. 


Learning how to prepare your food in a way that supports your health is also essential and it is one of the keys to long-term weight and health management. Avoid deep-frying with extensive amounts of oil. Baking, boiling, stir-frying or roasting are great healthy cooking techniques for you to follow on a daily basis. 


Focus on sensible substitutions rather than simple elimination of the unhealthy foods. 


Establishing a long-lasting healthy diet has to focus on sensible substitutions rather than drastic elimination of the ‘naughty’ foods we like to eat. Skipping meals, restricting yourself intensely or following drastic diets would not lead you to the wanted result.  But this simple, yet sensible change would: replace the unhealthy foods and snacks you usually eat during the day with healthy wholefoods. For every unhealthy food, there's a healthy, home-cooked counterpart. 


Instead of buying pre-packed popcorn make it at home, using coconut oil and controlling the amount of salt. Veggies and humus are a great snack food substitution. If you are craving chocolate cake or fried chicken make it at home, using less sugar, salt and oil. Believe me, it’s very hard to get fat on home-cooked food. 

Thank you for reading this blog post. Why not also reading 10 THINGS HAPPY, HEALTHY PEOPLE DO AND HOW TO BECOME ONE OF THEM? 


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