March 8, 2017


Shiva and Shakti. We all have a little bit of both in us. Our Shiva: the divine masculine energy, balances our Shakti: the divine feminine energy (and vice versa), flourishing, merging and dancing with one another, making us who we are.


Nowadays, however, it is becoming more and more challenging for a woman to be able to keep the two balanced. The highly fast-paced and competitive world that we live in forces us to emphasize on our masculine side more in order to become successful and fulfilled, and we end up loosing the connection with the Shakti in us. We intentionally suppress our femininity, sensitivity and grace, and in that sense, loose our true nature.


In order to nurture our inner Shakti we could follow a few simple rituals:


Find time for yourself

No matter how busy and intense your schedule is always try to spend some time with yourself only. Do the things that make you happy: do some shopping, go for a walk, take a spa day, or just stay at home, pour yourself a glass of wine and binge-watch all the seasons of ‘Sex and The City’. Enjoy being alone, having some priceless ‘me time’.


Meet up with the ladies

There is nothing more refreshing and Shakti-energy-stimulating than having some female-only time with your girlfriends.  Dinner with cocktails, movie-night at your place or just a simple afternoon tea will definitely make a difference. Sharing laughter, hormones and juicy gossip is always a great way to nourish your femininity. 


Let yourself be vulnerable

Ladies, we all try to be ‘superwomen’, don’t we? Carrying all the roles by ourselves: knowing it all, doing it all, handling it all… This is our way to survive in the men’s world that we are living in. But sometimes we just have to admit and accept the fact that we can’t do it all. In fact, we don’t have to do it all. We should feel confident and learn to accept help, compliments and support. There is nothing wrong in being vulnerable, weak and fragile from time to time. In fact, for the most part, men love to help out and to feel needed and useful. Give them a chance to show their solid, masculine side, so you could save some feminine energy for yourself.



Dress up and look after yourself

Allow yourself to feel like a woman again: attractive and even a little spoiled. Get up 15 minutes earlier so you can take care of yourself: put your favorite lipstick, do your hair and choose a pretty dress. When you look your best you feel your best! 


Dance Shakti, dance!

The masculine energy is demanding and destructive, while the feminine energy is creative and blessed. Pick an activity that stimulates your creativity and brings out the artist in you. And what is more creative or liberating than dancing? So pick a favorite song, turn the volume up and dance ‘till you ‘dance it all out’, without carrying who is watching or jugging you!

Tip: Awaken the goddess in you with 2 Health App’s beautiful Dancing Shakti Flow. This class, designed exclusively for women, aims to help you free your mind and body, and to simply indulge into the magic of the creative, Shakti power. The class combines fluid vinyasa flow, intoxicating music, and beautiful dance, especially borrowing elements from the belly dance tradition. You will find this practice liberating and challenging at the same time.



Prioritise giving and receiving

As women we always listen to our maternal instincts. We feel that we are the ones who always have to give: time, love, affection, attention. We commit to everyone but ourselves, and we expect nothing in return.


The masculine energy is a penetrating, demanding force of energy, while the feminine energy is the receptive energy that opens and rejuvenates. So clean your calendar for some receiving time into your schedule. By allowing yourself to receive love, energy and attention your deep well of feminine energy stays filled up.


For more Shakti inspiration read our interview with Mirian Alonso Cuenca: one of Shiva Rea’s favourite students and a real yoga, beauty and love ‘’warrior”. 

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