March 2, 2017

There is nothing like these nine months. Pregnancy is such a unique and special period of a woman’s life that calling it just ‘a period’ is not enough. It is an era: a majestic, illuminating, yet scary and complex era.


Pregnancy had changed me so much. Not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Here are the four most essential things that I now see differently:


My priorities

I now see my real priorities more clearly. In fact, currently I only have one priority: the safety and welfare of my child.


I love what I do, and my business and career will always be a big part of my life, as I believe that to become a good parent one should become an established, fulfilled professional first. Yet, I no longer feel guilty if I have to skip some work today, or teach one class less this week, because I need to have some extra rest or just take some time for myself. Pregnancy is about generating and cultivating love, joy and inner peace, and we, as women, have to learn to enjoy that period of our lives to the fullest and give it the attention that it deserves. No work, trips or commitments are worth ruining that bliss.


My relationship with food

I have always had a difficult relationship with food. Sometimes it is my best friend, but there are times when it becomes my worst enemy. Not any more.


I now see food as my way to guarantee good health and strong immune system for my baby. I realize that I am the only person who is responsible for that and I make sure that through my nutrition I would lay a strong foundation for my child’s future health. Food is not about me and my body any more, it’s about my baby. I have now found a full balance in my diet. My pre-pregnancy eating habits, now I realize, were on the verge of being orthorexic. I was simply eating too clean. I used to be vegan 80% of the time, avoiding dairy, gluten, meat and sugar.


Things have changed so much since I got pregnant. I now eat more, exercise less and make sure that everything that I put in my body, or do with my body, is beneficial for my child. This doesn’t mean at all that I eat unhealthy fast food and I lay on the sofa the whole day. It just means that I still eat healthy, but I have introduced a bigger variety in my diet and now I eat everything, but in moderation. I still teach yoga and do CrossFit, but with less intensity and ambition. My weight is in remarkable control and my baby and I are healthy, and happy, growing together. It’s all about finding the perfect balance.


My husband

Very few men actually realize what is going on during the pregnancy. They think that just because there is nothing happening with them and their bodies, they are not part of the process.  


My husband is from ‘the few’. He reads more prenatal books than me, as he wants to be prepared for and aware of every little thing. Many times he becomes my home-doctor: giving me advice and telling me what exactly does this or that symptom mean. He has become a superman. Knowing it all, doing it all, loving it all. Yet, his special attention and sweet thoughtfulness are not the only reasons why I now see him differently.


Day by day, I see him becoming a brand new person: a dad. And there is nothing more inspiring or worth my eternal love than this.


I usually look very sweet and fragile on the outside, but on the inside I have always been strong, independent and even self-sufficient. Since I got pregnant my strength has reached new levels. I feel reborn, and mighty, like a superwoman. I feel like a have a special mission and everybody is counting on me to finish it. I am now even more confident than before and believe that I can handle everything and everyone.


Also, I only see the bigger picture. I don’t really care about the little, insignificant things, or if I care, it is not with the same intensity as before. No hate, gossip behind my back or drama can destroy my inner peace. I am a superwoman after all. 

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