January 12, 2017


Juicing and blending (smoothies) are the two most common ways that people choose for a powerful detox. But do we really know what the difference between the two is?  And can we actually define which one is healthier or more beneficial to our health, balance and overall wellness? The truth is that there are enough pros and cons to each drink, so it really comes down to your personal needs and goals.


Juicing: pros and cons


When juicing, the machine extracts the water and up to 70% of the nutrients the produce contains, leaving behind the pulp. This means that when we juice we are removing the insoluble fiber. Now, on one hand fiber is highly beneficial for the digestive system. It also keeps us full and slows down the absorption of sugar. On the other hand, however, it slows down the absorption of nutrients, while when juicing our body absorbs 100% of the extracted nutrients.


When juicing we can more easily consume a much larger volume of produce per serving versus eating or blending. This fact makes juicing a great way to fill a serious nutrition gap. If greens and veggies are not our favorite thing to eat, we tent to lower their consumption up to dangerous levels. Consuming their produce in concentrated liquid form, especially when mixed with some fruit and spices, is not only more delicious, but it also allows us to get the amount of essential plant-based foods, vitamins and minerals that we need per day.


Note: As juices contain more fruits and  veggies than smoothies, they can pack far more carbs and sugars than we might expect—up to 40 grams in a 500 ml serving. Have that in mind when consuming them and try not to have them with other foods rich in carbs and sugar, such as cakes, pizza, rice, etc.


Blending: pros and cons


When blending, blenders pulverize the whole produce to make a smoothie, which means that there is no leftover pulp and the full amount of fiber stays into the drink. Blending helps us keep all the nutrients from the fruits and veggies intact. This makes smoothies more filling and powerful when it comes to energy supply. The ability to add in extra-nutritious ingredients such as plant-based protein powders, nuts and seeds, makes smoothies an even more powerful source of pure, natural energy and makes them the perfect pre and post – workout snack.


Note: Smoothies can be very high in calorie, especially if we add too many additional ingredients and superfoods. To make sure that we have our calorie-count on track, we always have to consume smoothies as a main meal and not as an addition to the main meal.


What’s the great news?


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