ONTO 2017!

December 29, 2016


Thank you 2016 for being a great one! 


At these last few days of the year it is time for a sparkly, glittery flashback.


2015 was the year when it all started: the idea of 2 Health App was born, solid and clear! But March 2016 was when the idea turned into an actual living and breathing product and 2 Health App was released: first for Android and a little bit later for iOS devices! Making the first baby steps is difficult, and risky, and precarious. Yet, exciting and full of hope. We loved our product, but most importantly: you loved it too! We started receiving great feedback, useful suggestions about improvements and some priceless love and support. Thank you for all that! Thank you for making us feel blessed, useful and cherished. 


2016 was just the beginning of 2 Health’s hectic journey. Riding the wave of our enthusiasm and great aspiration to help you become your most healthy, balanced and glowing self, we have scheduled an even more exceptional 2017. This year our main goal will be to make our product better. We listened to what you had to say and we cherished your feedback: some great improvements are coming soon for you. 2 Health App will be smarter, easier to navigate and work with, more engaging and interactive. You will have ‘how to’ video for each recipe, new exciting feed and events, and some specialized materials for all the mums-to-be. We will aim for you to have it all: exceptional content, experience and interface.


We are also working on 2 Health’s complimentary products: developing our YouTube channel: 2 Health App TV; reaching more and more of you via the social media; preparing a number of beautiful e-books and many more surprises. So stay tuned and open for the new 2017: a year of epic fight and dreams.


Thank you 2017 for being so hopeful!  


Thank you for reading this last post for 2016. For more Holidays inspo read HOW TO STAY HEALTHY DURING THE HOLIDAYS. 


Thank you for reading this blog post. For more health, wellness and yoga related information, materials and inspiration download 2Health App (available on both Android and iOS). 2Health App and all its updates are available for a single charge ($0.99p). You access all content, all the time, anywhere. No monthly membership fees and restrictions. We would love to hear from you. Tell us what you think.

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