December 20, 2016

Holiday food indulgence can be simultaneously a bliss and an agony, depending on your mind-set. Juicy honey-glazed turkey. French fries. Your grandma' walnuts cake with butter cream. Those are only part of the Christmas seductions that not only can ruin our healthy diet and habits, but our digestion and metabolism as well. But don't worry: there are smart ways to navigate around the Christmas overeating and overindulging issues. Here are our suggestions of how to indulge in a mindful way at this year's Christmas:


Forget about the guilt

Guilt is one of the main enemies when it comes to building and following a healthy way of living. In fact, guilt is the source of almost all eating disorders. 


Feeling guilty after eating foods you don't usually consume actually breeds more unhealthy behaviors, such as severe overeating and uncontrolled binging, taking chemical and highly damaging for your stomach, digestive system and metabolism digestive enzymes pills, and even forced vomiting. So allow yourself to enjoy a few hours of guilt-free indulgence, but don’t forget to quickly go back to your healthy habits on the next day. 


Follow your Morning Routine

Don’t forget to follow 2 Health App’s Morning Routine religiously during the holidays. In those days of indulgent your body needs it more than ever to stay alkaline and balanced.  


Here is the routine:

  • 1 tsp. wheatgrass powder (or any other green powdered supplement that you fancy) dissolved into a glass of water

  • 2 Spirulina pills

  • 1 probiotic


Drink fresh ginger root tea

The holidays’ indulgence leads to unwanted and unpleasant digestive disruptions. The fresh ginger root tea eases all of them: it stimulates digestion, relieves gases and heartburns, speeds up metabolism, suppresses the appetite and helps manage blood levels.


Drink lots of water

Water is the fastest and most natural way to detoxify your body from all the sugar, alcohol and fats that you have consumed at Christmas. Try to drink at least one and a half liters of still water per day. For better detox results try 2 Health App’s Detox Water (download 2 Health App for the recipe).


Balance acid with alkaline foods

Holiday dishes are full of acid formers like dairy, sugar, alcohol and meat. We are not saying that you shouldn’t have all these at all, but we recommend you to balance the heavy acidic foods with plenty of healthy, alkaline formers like fruit and greens. Try to have plenty of healthy dishes and beverages at the table such as big green salads with lots of veggies, some avocado dip with freshly squeezed lemon, green smoothie and some lemonade with fresh ginger.


Emphasise on the veggies

Try swapping the carb-heavy side dishes with veggies. Instead of having mashed or fried potatoes, rice or garlic bread, make some purred cauliflower, a ratatouille or a big green salad with avocado for a healthier and lighter option. All that extra fiber will ease your digestion and will help you not to overeat.


Avoid large quantities of alcohol

Alcohol will only trouble your digestion and metabolism even more. Have a glass of wine or two, but don’t go bonkers. There is nothing beautiful about alcohol, especially when combined with heavy food.


Sweat it all out!

Most people believe that ‘holiday’ equals laziness and absolute carelessness when it comes to our healthy lifestyle. However, working out on the days of indulgence is essential as moving, sweating and keeping your whole body active helps you detoxify and avoid any unwanted damages to your physical body.  30-40 min of intensive walking, yoga or cross-fit, are more than enough for you to stay on track.  

Eat only what you LOVE, leave aside what you LIKE

Indulge with mindfulness and wisdom. Fill your plate with the things that you really love eating instead with things that don’t really give you true enjoyment. If you don’t consider something ‘favorite’ then leave it on the sideline. Enjoy every bite instead of just binging and overeating.


Keep the treats to one day only

The biggest mistake people make is turning Christmas into a couple-of-days feast instead of a one-day indulgence. Enjoy your favorite treats on the Christmas Day and then remember to get back on track with your normal eating routine the very next day. Limiting your splurges will help you stay focused on your health, balance and glow.

Looking for more tips on how to be healthy, happy and more balanced? Read also 4 SIMPLE RULES FOR A HEALTHY & FIT LIFE.


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