December 15, 2016



Staying healthy, happy and balanced can be a real challenge, especially when the busy daily schedule absorbs us. Relax: you don't have to make big changes in your life in order to become a better version of yourself! Here are some simple tricks and tips from 2 Health App that will help you be your most energised and glowing self no matter what.


Listen to your body, not your gut

Our body knows better what we really need. Our ‘cheating’ mind and gut, however, are very often spoiling our connection with the body and then we end up overeating, or not eating the right things or not moving enough. Try to listen more to what your body has to say to you and less to what your mind or gut want you to do. If your body says: ‘I need sugar!’, go ahead and indulge in something sweet. Yet if in the exact same time same your gut is trying to lurk in your subconscious by whispering: ‘I need something bad and unhealthy like a double-chocolate cake’, ignore it. Instead have a few dates or a piece of vegan double-chocolate cake, or any of the tasty, yet healthy deserts that 2Health offers. In that way your body will be satisfied in terms of sugar cravings and stay healthy, happy and light at the same time. 


Be consistent, not perfect

The key to a healthy balanced life is to make being healthy a habit. Eating healthy is not a diet, is a way of living. Dieting means temporality and irregularity. It also means following restrictions and trying to be perfect. Eating healthy, however, is the exact opposite. It means permanency and consistency, yet no extreme restrictions are involved and there is no need of being perfect. In fact, teaching your body to be healthy by being consistent, not perfect, stays in the essence of the healthy life. It is true that if we manage to stay away from sugar for an extended period, our bodies won’t crave it as much. Yet, indulging into a piece of cheesecake or a fudge muffin every now and then is not only perfectly fine, but even healthy for your state of mind. It makes you realize that you are not dieting and that the world is not going to be over if you eat a little something that is not particularly healthy. Moderation within consistency is the other significant key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Love yourself for who you are and accept, and salute every single flaw that you have

Beauty is when you are able to appreciate yourself regardless your flaws. When you truly love yourself, that’s when you are most beautiful and glowing. Think of your flaws as just little pieces of you that create the essence of who you really are. 


Drink more water

Water is what flushes the toxins out of your body more than anything else. During the 3 Days Detox drink at least 2 liters per day. For better results try 2Health’s recipe for Natural Detox Water (check out the Smoothies and Juices on the app). 


Move that body

Find something that you like doing that is physical and do it, frequently and consistently. It could be an hour of restorative yoga before breakfast or a long walk in nature, or 30 min of intense cross-fit. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it makes you feel light and energised  A piece of advice: exercise not to lose weight, or sweat, or feel sexy, but to become happier and more balanced. Learn how to enjoy exercising for the sake of your new healthier and more joyful self, rather than for the sake of your skinnier body.

Looking for more tips on how to be healthy, happy and more balanced? Read also 4 SIMPLE RULES FOR A HEALTHY & FIT LIFE.


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