November 24, 2016


What is a real yogi? Is it a person who talks, acts and lives like a saint? Is he/she a person who cares about the Earth, Mother Nature and the ‘shape of his/her heart and soul’, and doesn’t care at all about luxury vacations, ‘bling-blings’, or any material stuff for that matter? Or is a yogi a person who eats only vegan, clean foods from Whole Foods, walks around with a green smoothie in hand and wears Lululemon, malas and little Buddha pendants?


After all, who sets the rules of “fitting in” with the yoga crowd and who says who is a real yogi and who is not?


I am a yogi. A devoted practitioner and teacher.  I wear malas and little Buddha pendants, but I also love wearing a Tiffany&Co necklace and piece of gorgeous diamond earrings. I do care about the Earth and recycle regularly, and I love spending time in a quiet green forest, just cherishing and breathing the miracles of Mother Nature. Yet, I really enjoy the long New York weekends that my husband and I share from time to time, and I cherish the busy, noisy, urban jungle as just as much as I cherish the real green one. I do adore green smoothies, vegan dishes and cozy little restaurants in a hippie style. But I also love to have a great steak with a glass of wine in a fancy place every now and then. This is who I am. Does this make me less of a yogi?


A few months ago I had the pleasure to share seven amazing days with one of the most famous yogis in the whole world: Shiva Rea. If we have to think about a real cool modern yogi, Shiva would be the first name to come to our mind. She is indeed real: a real human. She meditates in silence and peace for hours in a remote mountain cave, but she also loves dancing her ass off on Rihanna’s ‘Work’ tune while the sun is going down. Shiva rocks her yoga pants and organic cotton t-shirts, but she also looks gorgeous in her sexy purple dress and black high platforms. She is spiritual, sublime and goddess-like, but she is also human, normal, modern and natural. She is real.

So what’s a yogi to do when that concept or idea starts to become another stereotype or image to fit into? My answer is simple: not care about it at all.


I believe that in the modern world that we live in now no accurate or universal definition for a yogi could ever exist. And whoever thinks that there is one is certainly away from being a yogi at all. Yoga is freedom. Yoga is judgments free. Yoga is rebellion. Yoga cannot be labeled or forced to conform. Neither can a yogi.


We are all yogis. Those of us who practice yoga as a spiritual practice, and those of us who do it for the ass-kicking workout. The second type will inevitably go deeper and see yoga beyond its fat-burning or body shaping qualities. Yoga will do the work and magic soon or later and they’ll see yoga and themselves as practitioners in their true colors. 


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