November 17, 2016


With the supermoon a new super period has come for all of us: a period of rebirth, new beginnings and prosperity! The full moon that we gazed upon on the 14th of November is believed to be the biggest and brightest "supermoon" in almost 70 years. In addition to being one of the most astonishing events in the Astronomy, the supermoon is also a time for spiritual celebrations for yogis all around the world.


Not only the night of the phenomenon, but also the days before and after it, are a time to release what no longer serves us, inviting an expansion of our minds and bodies; planting seeds of new intention and affirmations; embracing a life changing energy that gives us a powerful strength to realize our goals, wishes and dreams. Here are three things that you could do every time we experience full moon in order to successfully harness its energy and make it work for you. You could repeat all the rituals for day one or two of the full moon, or even start two days before and continue five days after the event.


Do a full moon meditation.

Meditating during full moon can be a powerful cure not only for your body, mind and spirit, but for the whole universe. With the potent energy and power that the moon pours down on you, the full moon meditation can create calm, mindfulness and stillness.


Before you start set your intensions. We recommend you to meditate by yourself in a sacred space in your home. Sit comfortably on the floor with your legs crossed. Tuck a pillow or a folded blanket under your tailbone. Close your eyes and start focusing on your breathing. Imagine the way that the breath wave touches your shore and then goes back into your sea. Little by little start bringing yourself from the outside to the inside world. Slowly take your focus to behind your closed eyelids and then gently move it up to the Third Eye chakra.


Having your intentions in mind start spreading them. Remember that the full moon power that’s with you gives you enormous capacity to create global good karma. Use it and start sending healing energy, forgiveness, light, love and kindness not only to your loved ones, but to all the strangers in need too.


Practice lunar salutations.

We can merge with and pay homage to the lunar energy in nature and within us by practicing chandra namaskar, or moon (lunar) salutations. Unlike the sun salutation, which is outwardly oriented and provokes more masculine impulses with its warm solar energy, the moon salutation is a manifestation of the divine feminine force and its lunar energy is cool, receptive, and inwardly focused, leading us towards inner awareness. The lunar energy calms us and teaches us to slow down, listen to what we really need, and be open to change.


When practiced with full awareness, devotion and gratitude for the divine feminine, chandra namaskar can become a powerful body prayer and beautiful meditation in motion. Being an inward-moving and calming practice, chandra namaskar is appropriate even for the late afternoon and evening. The moon salutation can be pleasantly soothing during menstruation and pregnancy as it calms the whole body and balances the feminine, Shakti energy.


Note: Join us on our Facebook Live session this Friday, November 18, 10am EEST (UK: 8am BST, Central Europe: 9am CEST) for fluid meditative lunar salutations to harness the power of the rare supermoon!


Embrace the power of the crystals.  

The full moon is the best time to perform a ritual of energetic cleansing of your crystals and use their new positive powers to heal yourself. Pick a place at your home that has direct moonlight or go outdoors and sit directly under the full moon. Lay your stones on the floor in a wide circle, or any other geometric pattern that inspires you.


Lay down in shavasana or sit in a simple cross-legged position within the circle and do a full moon meditation. When ready slowly bring yourself back. Gather all the crystals and hold them at heart level. Send them love, light and honor and state your intentions: the usage that you have assigned for each and every stone. When you feel that your message is programmed into the crystals, lower them from the level of your heart and leave them under the moonlight for the whole night if possible for the moon to embrace and charge them.


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