November 10, 2016


Welcome to ‘Learn It From The Best: True Inspirational Health Stories’: our new series where we will be interviewing inspirational health and wellness coaches and motivators from all around the world and will be sharing with you their secrets, health tips and personal stories.  


For the first interview from the series we have chosen to introduce to you Valerie Ho: a true Singaporean health and wellness warrior. What we love about Val is her honest passion and dedication to help others become healthier, happier and lighter. Except from teaching different wellness classes in some of the best clubs around Singapore, Valerie is also part of a very inspirational cause: Fit Club. We ask her about this honourable cause, her passion for changing people’s lives and bodies, and how she motivates her clients.


2HB: What is Fit Club and why did you decide to join it? 

V: Fit Club is a community-based fitness program where people gather to have fun, motivate and workout together. I decided to join as I liked the environment, the people, the opportunity and embraced the challenge of teaching an outdoor fitness class.



2HB: What is Fit Club's philosophy? 

V: To Improve the lives of people by inspiring them to lead a healthy & active lifestyle through fitness and nutrition.



2HB:Tell us an inspirational story about a Fit Club member that got great transformational results with your help. 

V: Well, one member I helped, lost weight and he inspired his Wife and 2 brothers to follow suit. All four have lost between 5 to 15 kg successfully under my coaching and guidance. 



2HB: What motivates you to continue helping people with that great passion and dedication? 

V: I simply love doing what I do, it gives me immense satisfaction to inspire people on a daily basis and transform them both physically and psychologically. 


2HB: Why do you think that more and more people in Singapore are opening up to a healthier lifestyle? 

V: I think the government has done a good job promoting healthy active lifestyle to the people here.



2HB: Do you think that the Singaporeans have established bad eating habits coming from the traditional Asian cuisine, or is it the modern fast food industry that is getting more and more popular on the island to be blamed? 

V: Hmm... I think there's just a lot of delicious but unhealthy food in Singapore whether it's Asian, Western or otherwise, and it can be found everywhere you go. Furthermore, eating is a hobby in Singapore. We enjoy our food a lot! 



2HB: Is there a universal secret to thriving health and a balanced body? 

V: I don't think that there's a secret. A lot of great information is available online for anyone to access. That said, it all boils down to awareness. Not just awareness in terms of where to find the information, but self-awareness - being fully aware of one's own body, mind and emotions holds the key to thriving health and a balanced body. 



2HB: What is the one thing you tell to all of your clients? 

V: You can do it!



 To read more interviews from  our special series visit the INTERVIEWS section on our BLOG. 

Welcome to ‘Learn It From The Best: True Inspirational Health Stories’: our new series where we will be interviewing inspirational health and wellness coaches and motivators from all around the world and will be sharing with you their secrets, health tips and personal stories. For more health, wellness and yoga inspiration download 2 Health App now! 

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