October 26, 2016

£75 for four yoga classes = one Aldo bag less this week. £250 for cross-fit sessions per month = skipping the shoe shopping this month I guess. £2000 annual gym membership fee. Wait a minute! What? That’s beyond all limits! Staying fit and having access to the latest hottest workouts usually offered exclusively by top gyms and health centres can be pretty devastating for your bank account.


With the next five YouTube channels in hand you could finally stop making compromises with your body shapes or your finances for that matter. You can have it all: six packs and six-digit number in your account! So click here: you are just one you-tube link-click away from your perfect body.


Rebecca Louise 


Rebecca Louise is definitely one of my favourite online trainers. She is positive, energetic and knows how to inspire and motivate. She is fit, yet her well-built body never loses its femininity. And she is not afraid to talk about proper nutrition: not dieting, but having a balanced and healthy way of eating. 


On her YouTube channel Louise has a variety of workouts with different length, intensity and focus. The once that I love, however, are her 30-min full body workouts, which will help you develop a balanced body in no time. They are equally focused on shaping up every single part of the body. If you have always wanted to try a cross-fit type of workout, but you have been afraid of losing your sexy feminine edge because of the heavy weights, then these workouts are the right thing to try. No weights needed, only the weight of your own body, they burn 221 – 303 calories. Yet, they help you maintain your sexy, curvy shapes. It is a good idea to start with a few dynamic sun salutations to warm up your body, heart and soul properly, then do the 30-min workout with Louise, and finish with 10-15 min of slow restorative yoga to calm down and stretch. In this way you will have a proper 1-hour workout and believe me: it feels damn good! However, you don’t have to add any additional sequences if you don’t have the time to do that. Those 30 min with Louise are more than enough workout for the day!


Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

This super charming English man literally runs the health and wellness world at the moment. Started as a personal trainer, now The Body Coach is one of the most influential people in the filed. He has a smoking hot body, cute face, relatable attitude, bestseller books and magical weight-loss programmes that offer the whole package: workouts and nutrition plan. Oh, I totally forgot: he also owns a business that is worth in the millions.

His YouTube channel has a variety of challenging HIIIT sessions. Even if you don't buy any of Wicks' programmes you can still do his sessions online and get amazing results in no time. Just be prepared that if you have never done an intensive cardio, Wicks' workouts could be quite challenging. Start with the beginners videos and gradually reach the advanced stage. 


2 Health App

Well, you already know that, but let us remind you again: yep, our YouTube channel is one of the best out there. Yoga and meditation videos; nutrition, health and wellness advice and tips; and simple recipes videos: this is what the YouTube home of 2 Health App offers.


Lets talk about the yoga and meditation part. It gives you access to filmed at fascinating locations online practices, with diverse lengths and styles, for different levels and tastes. We have a little something for everybody: beginners; meditation and mindfulness lovers; intermediate daredevils and advanced students that enjoy challenging asanas and sequencings. Our channel is still new and in the making, so give us some time to develop it and satisfy all your online health and wellness needs. 




GymRa has it all. You name it, you have it: yoga, stretching, HIIT, TABATA, weights workout, cross-fit. Everything that you need to obtain a perfect body is basically there. You could either create your own training programme, or you could try one of the challenging weight-loss programmes that GymRa offers on the channel. 



Fightmaster Yoga

Fightmaster Yoga's YouTube channel once started as a romantic, personal project. A husband and wife wanted to create an online space where yoga would be accessible for everybody. A space that would become so much more that just a YouTube channel: it would become a home of health, happiness and balance. Today Fighmaster Yoga has hundred of thousands of subscribers, yet hasn't lost even a bit of its idealism and romanticism. The channel offers diverse yoga videos that will lead you to a better you. 

Thank you for being here on our blog. If you have found a piece of you in this article read also 2 HEALTH APP'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS LIVE!

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