October 5, 2016


Good morning, 2 Health App-ers!


Recently I have been thinking about love and the chances in life to not only find it, but to find the real one. Love is one of the greatest blessings in life, but having the chance to meet your true soulmate and actually share your life, dreams, aspirations and passion with him/her is a priceless and very rare gift.


My tiny secret of the day today would be: celebrate the true love if you have already met it. Appreciate it and be grateful for having it every single day. And if you are still waiting for it, don't lose hope: it will arrive soon or later. If you are in a relationship but you are still waiting for the real one, than set yourself free from the familiar, and bravely wait for the unfamiliar. Staying in a relationship that you don't belong in just because you are scared of being alone is pointless, painful and unhealthy. Remember that you always have to stay true to yourself while waiting for the true love.






P.S. I hope that this song will bring you in the mood for love contemplations and reflections.


 For more inso on the LOVE topic read LOVING YOURSELF: THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.

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