September 29, 2016


The more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need. As modern people, absorbed by the urban life, and all the concrete, glass and steel that surrounds us, we tend to forget how important it is, every now and than, to exchange the concrete jungle with a real one, the high-tech with no-tech and the charging of our smart phones with a recharging of ourselves.


Nature is a potent universal cure. The magic pill. The ‘supefood’ of all superfoods. It is proven that nature is a powerful booster for human’s overall health and wellbeing. Feeling a part of nature has been shown to significantly correlate with life satisfaction, vitality, health, meaningfulness, mindfulness, and lower cognitive anxiety, and in that sense with happiness. Nothing gives us a purer or more spontaneous feeling of joy, comfort and blissfulness than nature. Nature also reduces depression and improves our attention spans and psychological wellbeing,  and boosts our creativity and mental activity. Nature helps heal any physical and mental illness and pain. It heals our spiritual ‘body’ as well, as it helps us overcome emotional pain and difficult losses of loved ones.


It is true, however, that nowadays staying closely connected to nature can be a real challenge. It is not only a matter of how insanely busy we are and how little time we have to get out of the city and escape from our fast-paced routines, but it is also a matter of how accessible nature is and how easy it is for us to find green and lush paradises closer to the city. Yet, when there is desire, there is a way too. City parks and gardens are the fastest and easiest way to reconnect with nature. It is not ideal as it is ‘artificial’ nature made by a human hands, but it can still be powerful and recharging.


Another way of getting closer to nature is by bringing it indoors. Simply buy some houseplants, put a vase of fresh flowers or a natural crystal on your desk at the office or place a bowl full of cones and acorns in your living room.

An out-of-town trip to the mountains, the woods, the fields or anywhere your soul wishes, would be the ideal option. Just go for a hike, or simply make a picnic with your friends and family. Only a few hours of contemplating and communicating with nature, simply touching the grass with your bare feet or hugging a tree, will be enough to recharge you for weeks.


Now here are a few more reasons why you should reconnect with nature more often:

  • The contact with nature makes us happier

  • Nature gives us energy

  • Nature brings our senses alive

  • Nature is a stress controller

  • Nature boosts our creativity

  • Nature heals

  • Nature boosts our immune system 

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