September 21, 2016


Smoothies are a simple, quick and effective way to make sure you get all the healthy, essential nutrients your body needs. There are, however, a few simple, yet common mistakes, that can quickly derail the health benefits and tastiness of your smoothies. Here is our top 8 of the mistakes you shouldn’t be making when blending your drink:


Using under-ripe fruit

Never put in your smoothies a fruit that you wouldn't eat plain. Under-ripe fruit won't blend well and will violate the texture of your smoothie so it won’t be as creamy and smooth as it is supposed to be. Choose only perfectly ripe fruit, and don’t be scared of using fruit that's got a few spots or bruises on it. It doesn’t really matter how it looks as long as it tastes good.



Smoothies are easy and quick, but you still have to take your time when making them. A few seconds of blending are certainly not enough to get the perfect drink. To get a rich, homogeneous and lump-free texture you have to blend everything really well. One to two minutes are just enough to get the wanted result.


Using dairy

There is nothing healthy or beautiful about dairy. Dairy not only creates a highly acidic environment in our bodies, which results in multiple problems: weak bones and teeth, bad skin, troubled digestion, but it also leads to autoimmune and malabsorption disorders, and poor overall health.


Adding milk, yogurt, cream or ice cream into your smoothies may be delicious, but it only decreases the health benefits of your drink. Instead of using dairy, try any non-dairy nut milk that you fancy, or a few spoons of coconut yogurt or cream, or a non-dairy coconut ice cream. They taste exactly the same as the dairy products, even better, yet you don’t miss out on the healthy nutrients. 


Not adding a thickener

A really good smoothie has a rich, creamy body. To make sure that your drink is thick enough use fruits that have thick flesh like bananas, peaches, apricots, mangos, kiwi or avocado. A tablespoon or two of soaked flax or chia seeds, which will also add a powerful dose of omegas, is a good way to obtain a creamy consistency as well.


Putting too much powdered supplements

First of all, not every powdered supplement that you can find at the stores is actually beneficial for your health. Make your research and carefully read the labels before putting anything in your basket. Make sure that the particular powder is what your body really needs and watch out for any artificial sweeteners, GMOs, and unpronounceable ingredients added. Second: putting as many powders as possible, and as much as possible, wouldn’t make your smoothie healthier. It will only make it taste bad and heavy, and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your drink. Learn how to properly combine the different powdered supplement so you wouldn’t ruin the taste, and also be smart when thinking about the quantity.



Be careful when using matcha or chlorella powders. If you put too much, or you mix them with the wrong fruit or supplement, the taste could get funky. Maca and baobab powders, on the other hand, are great superfoods that go well with most fruits, seeds, greens and nuts.



Overdoing it with the sugar

Fruits and nuts are naturally sweet. You don’t need additional sweeteners in your smoothies. If you are in the mood for a dessert-like drink, though, you could always add a few dates or some maple syrup.


Putting too many things

‘Less is more’ is a motto that goes well when it comes to the art of making the perfect smoothie. As tempting as it could be to toss all of your favorite things in one blender, try to resist it. Instead, choose three or four. Otherwise the flavor can get funky, especially if you're adding greens.


Not adding fruit to your green smoothies

Greens can be pretty overwhelming and dominant when it comes to the taste of a smoothie. The taste of the greens has to be cleverly hidden by the taste of the fruit, so you don’t even notice the veggies are there. Always remember: the mastership of the green smoothie lies in the right proportion between greens and fruit. You might need to start with a higher proportion of fruit vs. vegetables until you get used to the flavor.


Starting your morning with a smoothie is an easy way to get a big portion of your nutrients for the day. 50% fruit and 50% veg is the best way – and here is some ingredients you can put in your smoothies to give yourself an extra boost! Check out 6 THINGS YOU ARE MISSING IN YOUR SMOOTHIES to learn more about them. 

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