August 29, 2016


"Hello 2 Health App friends! My name is Valeria and I am here to share why I love 2 Health App!


I am not usually very excited about health and lifestyle applications, but everything changed when I was diagnosed with gastro. I am sure everybody out there, who has experienced this, knows how annoying it is. It absolutely messes up your life. You have to spend so much time selecting your food, cannot eat out in restaurants (something I absolutely love doing) and you are stuck with this constant reflux pain that is just awful. As a responsible person, I read everything available on the Internet, spent around EUR 150 for medications and visits at the best private clinics in town, hoping that I will find my cure, but my condition did not change. I also tried eating only boiled/baked food, almost no dairy, no processed sugar, no citrus fruits, no soda..pretty much my diet contained boiled potatoes, baked zucchini and your occasional fruit.


At that moment I discovered 2 Health App and started reading the “Tips” section right away. The first thing that caught my attention was the “Morning routine”. I immediately went to the store and got spirulina, wheatgrass and a good probiotic. At that point I was desparate to try anything that has even the slightest chance of helping me live a normal life. I started taking those supplements in the morning in the following order: one spoon of wheatgrass, dissolved in water, 2 pills of spirulina and one pill of probiotic. After taking this for two weeks, believe it or not, I felt a major improvement: NO MORE REFLUX PAIN. It was a pure miracle and such a big relief for me! I have been taking this combination every morning for almost 3 months now, and let me tell you that I FEEL GREAT! No reflux pain, no more morning sickness and my stomach wasn’t bloated anymore. I slowly started adding more food to my diet (of course keeping gluten and dairy out of the picture, as much as possible).


Since I discovered my cure, I cant stop talking about it to my friends. I even bought some wheatgrass for my dad. I have to mention that I am experiencing some other side benefits from taking these nutritious supplements: my skin cleared (I usually have extremely sensitive and oily skin, prone to break outs), I lost some kilograms that I was keeping with me from the Winter season and I have much more energy during the day. The Morning routine has become a natural part of my day.  Every time I wake up, I cant wait to take my supplements because I know they will keep my stomach happy and will give me a natural energy boost.


I strongly recommend this routine to anyone who has ever experienced such problems like me. I can guarantee you that this is 100 times better than any medication you can by in the pharmacy.


Thank you 2 Health App for helping me feel much better!!!




Valeria K."

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This article is part of our TRUE 2 HEALTH STORY section in which we will be sharing inspirational real stories of our users, whose lives and health were changed and improved by 2 Health App. Please send us your positive story on We would love to share it with the world! 

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