July 13, 2016


Everybody loves ice cream! And everybody prefers it slow and real, and decadent.


My mother says that my obsession with ice cream has started early in my easy breeze days as a kid. I remember those hot summer afternoons from my childhood when my mother and I were going to the local market to do the groceries and where passing by an old man with an ice cream car. The violet: that awfully purple flavour was my favourite. Each time we passed the car I sang a song:


‘Ice cream, ice cream, cold, cold ice cream. I will pay for you with smiles, kisses and love’.


In fact I wrote it myself and used it in those cases when I wanted to give sign to my mother that I really wanted an ice cream. Which was basically always!


Now that I am a grown up, I haven’t managed to fight my obsession with ice cream. And honestly I have never even tried. Why would I?! Ice cream is one of those guilty little pleasures and secrets that every girl should have. But being a healthy lifestyle follower and advocate now I not only care about the flavour and the taste of the ice cream, but also about the quality and the healthiness. And here is where Gelateria Naturale becomes part of the story.



Gelateria Naturale is the one and only place in Sofia, Bulgaria, where you can indulge into the magic of ice cream without having any regrets or concerns. Situated in the heart of the city, the small charming gelateria offers organic, homemade, hand-made, refined sugar free, preservatives and artificial colours free, palm oil and any other toxic fats free ice cream. Here the cold delight is made slowly and patiently, with special care and lots of love. The result: heavenly good, teasingly melting ice cream that is simultaneously healthy and delish. And here is some great news: you can have a personal take-away pre-order of any flavour that you fancy and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.




The gelateria offers classic creamy non-dairy free options such as Nocciola, Chocolate and Ricotta, as well as 100% vegan flavours with a variety of seasonal fruits. ZERO ZERO is the special ice cream line for diabetic and lactose intolerant people that is made with organic fat-free and lacto-free milk and natural fructose. But no matter which flavour you would pick you will be in heaven. In a sticky, silky, sugary heaven. And if you, just like me, believe that the purest joy of eating ice cream can be triggered only by pure and joyful ice cream, then Gelateria Naturale should become your second home.



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