June 6, 2016


How Does Stress Start?


Time, forever present but in the modern world we always seem to be running out. In a world where time is money, most of us don’t make time for ourselves, for creativity, reflection or simply doing things that make us happy. This combined with an environment of too many choices, can lead to stress and ultimately damage our health. Most people tend to latch onto trivial things and struggle to let go of things we cannot control. One thing that David Attenborough has taught is that in the animal kingdom, if an animal is attacked or chased moments later they move on with their lives with a shake or a shudder, yet we tend to hold on to trivial stresses for days, a week, even months due to our over-thinking and over-active imagination!


Stress can be insidious and creep up on you without you realising it. The hot frog experiment effectively highlights how stress can arise. The hot frog experiment refers to a frog that was placed in water which was gradually getting hotter and hotter. The frog did not jump out, as it usually would in hot water as the change in temperature was gradual and the frog did not notice, stress can be the same. We might blame others for how we are feeling usually when our beliefs come up against something that differs, and the fact it is easier to blame others than take responsibility for how we are feeling. 


Easy Steps to Start Reducing Stress 


There are some easy steps you can take today to start handling your stress. In a moment of stress you could try breathing deeply in an upright position, this subconsciously sends a message to your brain and body that everything is okay and under control. In addition, breathing in for 7 and out for 11 facilitates the removal of steal air in the lungs, this will help with faster cell rejuvenation and create an overall feeling of calm.


Reframing in the short term. Reframing of the mind is an essential part of overcoming stress, challenging our beliefs about ourselves and how we handle day to day problems. For example, reframing can come in the forms of seeing a problem as an opportunity, unkindness as a lack of understanding or a weakness as a strength. Once you see a cause of stress in a different light, it can be digestible and a solution can more easily arise.


Long term reframing. This can be achieved through reading different books, starting new hobbies, attending mind-expanding workshops or mindfulness classes. These actions can steer you in the right direction to the life you wish to lead. Be in charge of your own growth, we all have the resources within us to change our lives and overcome our difficulties.

In the modern world stress is becoming more and more of a problem, so it is important for us to be conscious of our mindset and know when to take action. Be like a recently attacked gazelle, shake off your stress and move on to the next goal ahead. Don't be a complacent and unaware frog not realizing when action is needed.


“Rule number one is, don’t sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, it’s all small stuff.” – Robert Eliot




Sophie is a lifestyle and wellness blogger from Ireland with a vision to make the world a little better, people a little more positive and for everyone to experience life with a little more clarity. You can read more of her posts at or follow her on Instagram, @lifewithclarity 


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