April 14, 2016


In the world of healthy nutrition marketing is everything. In every two or three years we have new stars on the market. First it was goji berries, then coconut butter, then chia seeds. And now it’s kale.


Don’t get me wrong, kale is healthy and all, but it is certainly not the healthiest green on the block. Patience dock, however, is. At least on my block.


Often undervalued, patience dock (Rumex patientia) is in fact a powerful source of essential nutrients. It is even more powerful that spinach, kale and lettuce, which are considered to be some of the healthiest leafy greens.


Patience dock is rich in vitamins (А, В1, В2, В3, В6, В9, С, Е и К), minerals, mineral salts (potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron), protein and healthy carbs. At the same time it has no fats. All this allows the patience dock to be easily digested and absorbed, and recommended in treating various afflictions, as well as in vegan and vegetarian diets as substitute for meat.


Patience dock helps in treating dermatologic, hepatic and hematologic disorders. It is also recommended is cases of diabetes, rheumatism, tuberculosis, ulcer, cough, anemia, anti-hypotension, cardiac neurosis, palpitations and blood flow disorders. And last but not least, this plant aids in the weight loss and detox process.


Continuing this week’s topic of green smoothies, patience dock can be a great asset to your green drinks. One cup of patience dock contains 10 gr of protein, iron, vitamin B2 and magnesium. Adding a few cups to your diet will help you increase you intake of essential nutrients enormously. The best way to consume the plant is raw, as when being cooked it looses of its potent nutrients. This is why a green smoothie is always a good idea. In a smoothie you consume the plant raw, and at the same time you get a very smooth and balanced taste between greens and fruit. It’s a win-win: you combine healthy and delicious in one!


Here is a lovely green smoothie recipe with patience dock you could try:


Another Great Green Smoothie

Serves: 1

Prep. Time: 2 min

Total Time: 5 min



300 ml filtered water

One cup of patience dock

The juice of ½ lemon

The juice of ½ orange

1 banana

4-5 pineapple chunks

1 kiwi

4-5 large slices of cucumber

1/2 pear


Directions: Put all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. 





Quick history facts:

Patience dock has been well known from Ancient times. This plant was used by the Roman solders in times of military expeditions and missions to quench severe thirst. Horatius claimed that patience dock is a wonderful laxative, while Virgil mentioned it as a plant that every peasant had to have in their gardens. During the Medieval times patience dock gradually started to appear on the exquisite tables of the European aristocracy in soups and sauces for meat, fish and seafood.



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