March 14, 2016


As modern people we are always on the run. Always travelling, Always being elsewhere but not home, where we belong. Long flights, unhealthy pre-packed on board food and not enough sleep are only a small part of the minuses of our killing travelling routine.


I have always been suffering while going through a long flight. For so many years the airborne food used to make my digestion slow and heavy which was resulting in me feeling like fainting or even vomiting. My skin used to become painfully dry and itchy from the airborne dusty air and the ditch water in the bathrooms. Little by little I developed my own rules while travelling by plane and now I manage to keep my healthy habits on board the same way I do it on a daily basis. The simple tips for staying healthy during a long flight this article suggests will hopefully make your travelling easier and more pleasant the same way they improved my airborne experience. Yep, it’s possible: you can fly, fly, fly and be healthy in the same time!


Drink more water.

One of the reasons why most people feel blotted and weak on a long flight is because they don’t drink enough water. It is true that drinking more water usually results in you having to ask the person next to you to stand up so you could go to the bathroom. And it is understandable that this at some point, especially in the middle of the night when everybody is asleep, is quite annoying and even rude. Yet it is more important to keep yourself hydrated then not to lose face in front of your airborne 'neighbour'. 


Now this is what you could do: right after you go through the security check and you enter the terminal buy a bottle of mineral water that you can take on board with you. Depending on the length of the flight it could be 1 litre or 2 and a half litres. Even if you forget to buy your own bottle don’t worry: just ask the flight attendants for a glass of water in every 40-50 min and you’ll be fine. Don’t forget to wake up and sip some water during the night.


It is also a good idea to ask the flight attendants for a few slices of lemon and add them into your water for that extra detox effect.  


Bring your own food on board.

The airborne food is a must skip! It is pre-packed, full of preservatives, sugar, salt and gluten. Bringing liquids from the outside to the terminal is forbidden. Bringing food, however, is not. That is why I suggest you prepare your own homemade food, put it in a box and enjoy it on board. Here are some suggestions for what you could make:


- vegan wrap

- tomatoes-cucumber-peppers salad with raw nuts

- fruit with mixed nuts

- sugar-free energy balls and snacks

Avoid any sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol.

These four are poisonous always and everywhere, but on board even more. They cause bloating, anxiety, problems with sleeping, nausea and drastic changes in the blood pressure. That is why it is important to avoid them at all times during your flight!


Get some goodnight sleep. 

While flying try to sleep as long as you can with the help of a good relaxing, meditation music playlist. Create one or just buy any of Ben Leinbach’s albums.


Explore the plane and move around.

Sitting in the same unconformable position for a long time can cause muscle pain and cramps. We all suffer from the lack of movement while travelling by plane. There is always a way to handle the situation though. In every hour or so move around the plane as much as space and security restrictions allow. You could even do some simple yoga posses that will help you improve your blood circulation. Here are some suggestions:

  • Standing Side Bend

  • Tree Pose

  • Standing Backbend

  • Standing Forward Bend

  • Seated Spinal Twist

  • Gentle Neck Roll

  • Shoulder opening: Interlocked hands


Drink some detox tea.

Usually on board only black tea is offered. Black tea contains high levels of caffeine: a ‘drug’ that causes bloating and that we have to avoid. You could never escape bloating entirely, but you could drastically reduce it with the right type of tea. Just bring tea bags with your favourite caffeine-free flavours from home. Try YOGI DeTox or PUKKA Three Fennel. If not you could always make yourself a ‘lazy’ tea: ask the flight attendants for some hot water and a few slices of lemon.


Take probiotics and green supplements. 

Probiotics and green supplements are priceless when it comes to the balance of our inner flora and fauna. During the flight we lose "good" bacteria in our bodies. Probiotics and green supplements such as spirulina and chlorella can help balance our "good" and "bad" bacteria to keep our body working like it should. Always take capsules instead of powder as the powders can't go through the security.


Wear comfortable, non-tight clothes.

One of the worst things you could do while flying long hours is to put your extra skinny jeans, tight shirt and high heels. You would block your blood circulation and will put your whole body under huge pressure. Choose a confortable loose outfit that will allow your blood flow to function at its best, as well as larger comfi sneakers.


Don’t forget your organic cosmetics at home.

We often tend to forget that the skin is one of our bodies’ essential organs. We have to make extra effort and take care of it at all times, especially while experiencing an overnight flight.


Rule number one: never wash your face with the airborne water. It is dirty and it will ruin your skin’s pH. Bring organic water wipes and clean your face with them instead. Also pack your organic daily essentials in your carry-on. If you are really passionate about products that don’t offer “travel-size” versions then invest in small, refillable plastic bottles. It will make all the difference in both packing and your skin’s health on your trip. Always bring a toner and a hydrating cream, and never leave your face with make-up during the night.


Wear a mask.

Airborne dust is an unpleasant feature of each flight, as well plane air-conditions that are usually powerful diseases transmitters. You could protect yourself from both by wearing a medical or dust mask.




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