MAN IN TROUBLE!? 6 tips how to convince your totally out of yoga boyfriend/husband to try it.

March 13, 2016


Yoga is love. Yoga is life. Yoga is pure inspiration. Those three simple sentences can convince every woman to try Yoga and stay in love with it till the end of her life. But what about men?


Sometimes things in life are more complicated and difficult than they look like. It may have been easy to make him fall in love with you, but is it that simple to make him fall in love with Yoga? From my own experience it is definitely not.  It took me almost two years to persuade the love of my life to spend 30 min of his precious business time doing Yoga with me. If you are still working on your man and you have zero results here are 6 tips how to convince your totally anti yoga boyfriend to try it.


1. Tell him that Yoga will boost his sex life.

Men love sex. And if there is anything that can make their sex life even more exciting, they are keen on trying it. You just have to mention that a research from 2009 published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine[1] suggests that regular yoga practice can improve several aspects of your sex life such as sexual appetite, arousal, orgasm, and overall satisfaction. Yoga may also stimulate the production of sex hormones, reduce the stress that causes the sexual dysfunction, and boosts self-confidence and sexual performance. All this encouraging facts will send your man right into the yoga room.



2. Tell him that he can chisel his abs to resemble a Greek God.

Most men don’t care about the balance in their body, mind and soul that Yoga will help them find. They are not looking that much for flexibility, energy flow, detox and spiritual awakening. What concerns them the most is how to make their body look better. Yoga is the perfect total body workout. If you do it regularly it can help you lose weight, make your body stronger and more muscular. Even if you don’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you will definitely look lean and fit. With yoga defined abs don’t look that far any more.


3. Tell him that the hottest chicks are the Yoga girls.

He probably already knows this as he is crazy about you, but there is nothing wrong in letting him have one more look himself. Trust me - one hour in a small room with 30 sweaty, seductive Shaktis standing into sensual yoga poses, will make every man attend Yoga classes at least once a week. For some of you this tip may seem a little radical and you might be thinking – why would I ever allow my boyfriend to even take a short look at other sexy girls besides me? There is nothing wrong with looking and feeling the female energy around him as long as there is a clear instruction „Do Not Touch“. Naturally, this tip is not a useful one for those of you who know that your man might be too tempted to sin.



4. Tell him that Yoga is not only for women. 

There is an old-fashioned belief that Yoga is women-only territory. At the same time, there are a lot of men that are avid practitioners. If you tell your boyfriend that he is not going to be the only man in class, most likely he would be keen on joining you. And if it still doesn’t work, you can show him photos of some of the super sexy real celebrity men that credit yoga for their hot bodies. Just mention Adam Levine, David Beckham and Matthew McConaughey, and your boyfriend will be convinced to try Yoga. If they are doing it, why can’t he do it as well?



5. He is ashamed of being not as flexible as you are? Bring him to Bikram Yoga.

Men usually don’t want to go to Yoga because they are scared of being embarrassed. They are usually less flexible than women and that makes them a little insecure. I’ve got your answer - bring your boy to Bikram Yoga. The hot nature of this style not only will help him sweat more and lose weight, but it will also increase the flexibility in his body [2]. When the body is practising in a heated room, it becomes more flexible and goes in and out of the poses easily. Additionally, the variety of the poses is limited- only 26. Bikram is a style in which men can make progress quickly and in that sense it can be very stimulating and inspiring.


6. Tell him that your ex used to go to Yoga with you. 

This is your plan B. If none of the tips above works, you can try this one. A little bit of jealousy and competition between him and your ex always helps.


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