March 11, 2016


I have heard fascinating stories about people’s lives having been transformed by the power of a single book. I hardly believed in any of them. Probably because I didn’t share the same monumental experience. Until now. Frankly, I am not a big book lover, but The Pure Heart of Yoga by Robert Butera happened to be one of the greatest inspirations in my life so far. It is not a book that only teaches you how to perform the yoga poses with perfection. Neither it teaches you only how to be your more balanced, compassionate and humble self. The Pure Heart of Yoga does so much more than this: it shows you how to transform your entire life for good.


During the one-month detox that I did this summer I had the time and the peace to follow all the 10 steps towards total personal transformation that the book guides through. And there, I said it: I felt almost enlightened! I finally realised that for more than 10 years of yoga practise I have hardly been practising any yoga at all. Yes, I became stronger, more flexible and far more balanced than I use to be. Yes, I developed beautiful flow and body language in my practise. And yes, I learned how to do all the fancy yoga poses. But in the end I reached physical perfection, but I didn’t even get close to a spiritual one. For years I was walking on the surface of yoga and hardly delved into its roots and its mighty spiritual powers. I realised that I never actually managed to go beyond the beginners level. I don’t mean the physical aspects, but the spiritual and mental ones. I was focused on the superficial aspects of yoga rather than its essence. The lack of real guidance during those 10 years was tangible. Without a doubt the yoga teacher training that I experienced while living in Singapore was a solid base for my new understanding of yoga. Yet, definitely not a sufficient one. I had a long way to go.


Fortunately I found The Pure Heart of Yoga and it led me that way. That's how I’ve changed. I understood what the essence of being a real yogi is. The physical perfection of the poses does not mean real understanding and it hardly promises an essential change for the being. I now practise yoga with true awareness: every breath, every move, every thought is performed with consciousness. I now do yoga not to lose weight, or sweat, or feel sexy, but to become happier and more balanced. Now I actually enjoy doing yoga for the sake of my new healthier and more joyful self, rather than for the sake of my skinnier body.


Yoga is now something that I practise not only on the mat, but also off the mat, hence in real life. Now the essence of yoga penetrates into every aspect of my life: work, family, friendships, even the relationship with my own self. I started loving myself for who I am and I except, and salute every single flaw that I have. I eliminated the toxic emotions that I’ve kept inside of me for all these years and gave way to my positivity. Overcoming the emotions and the senses led me to the balance, peace, confidence and clarity of the mind that I was looking for for so long. The process of emotional detox and cleansing of my mind, body and soul gave me joy and happiness that were no longer dependent on factors existing outside of me. Having found my inner peace I finally feel fulfilled and I can be truly happy.


Perfection is never possible. But striving for it is. Every day I am one step closer to what I believe is a better me. And I am ‘lighter’ now and free from all the pestilent inner boundaries that I have set myself. I am sharing with you some post-The Pure Heart of Yoga photos from my trip to unforgettable Sardinia, Italy and some more from the last days of the summer. Starring my happier and more balanced yoga self!



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