March 5, 2016


During the years of being in love with, practicing and teaching yoga, what always seems the most difficult thing to me is to cultivate and develop my tapas[1]. To do my own practice every single day, no matter how tired I am, or how many classes I have to teach, requires a lot of self - control and discipline. At one point, I found it difficult to keep on practicing at home every day so I needed extra motivation. Here are some little secrets that helped me win the battle. They enriched my daily practice and I hope they will keep you away from becoming disinterested or demotivated.


1. Let the music play!

Yoga without music is like the sea without waves - blissful, but kind of boring. If you want to spice up your daily yoga practice and make it more exciting, use the magic of music. You will be surprised how something so trivial can give a completely different color to your practice. Try to create your own compilation with tracks that suit your personal sequence the most. If you don’t have enough time to do so, start with a ‘ready to use’ yoga compilation. Here are some inspirational ones:


-          Yoga Sol, compiled by Shiva Rea

-          The Yoga Session [Digipak], Earthrise Soundsystem

-          Yoga Revolution Compilation

-          Planet Yoga [Music for Yoga, Meditation and Peace]

-          Elephant Power, MC Yogi

-          Collide, Beats Antique

-          Royalty-Free Music Compilation, Ben Leinbach 


 2. Let light in!

During the one year that I spent in Singapore, I got used to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum whenever I felt lost or unbalanced. The silence and the intoxicating aroma of burning incense sticks and candles brought me peace every instance I spent some time in the temple. Some candles and aroma sticks can always enliven the room and for instance, from a place that you do your daily routine, the living room can become your little temple. Just a word of caution - if you are pregnant, putting candles and sticks is not a very good idea as the fumes make the air heavy and may cause sickness or dizziness. You can replace the real candles with electric ones. The artificial flame has almost the same relaxing effect.


3. Connect with Mother Nature

Doing yoga at home can easily get boring. Try to do it outdoors. For instance, if you have the chance to do so, enjoy a morning practice in the middle of the nature: by the sea, or in a hidden place in a park or a botanic garden. Becoming one with nature is always a memorable experience.



4. Fragrant poem…

I learned this trick from Gigi Yogini during one of her classes at Bali Spirit Festival. I modified it a little bit so it can become even more intimate. Before going to Savasana, put one drop of essence oil of your favorite fragrance on your left palm. It could be lavender, mint, orange, or anything else that pleases your sense. Lay down for Savasana. Put your right hand on your heart center, and the left one on the floor with a palm turned towards the sky. Now you are ready to drive the wave of your breath. When you feel balanced enough to go out of the bliss, bring your palms together so you can put a little bit of the oil on your right hand as well. Cover your eyes. Take a deep breath in and connect with the flow of your breath one more time. This tiny drop of heaven will change your Savasana experience completely.



5. Soul friendly yoga

Like every great passion, Yoga is always more special when shared with people that we love. Therefore, my advice is to practice in a safe environment where you feel loved, not jugged or pushed beyond your limits. Get together with friends, or even with your parents, brother/sister, boyfriend/girlfriend, and do yoga with them. Share the love, energy and laughter. Yoga can be even more heavenly when done in the company of beloved people.


Here is an inspirational yoga beat that could be the first one to add to your very personal yoga playlist: Beats Antique, Beauty Beats. 


[1] Tapas is a concept in the Yoga Sutras that is traditionally interpreted as being ‘fiery discipline’. It is this discipline which burns off the impediments that prevent us from being in the state of yoga (spiritually, mentally and physically). Tapas is the sutra that helps the yogi maintain regular daily yoga practice.


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