March 1, 2016


1. It makes me feel damn sexy.

Yoga can be a powerful confidence booster when it comes to our body shapes. I am not saying that you have to practise yoga only for the sake of your fitter and sexier body. Not at all! This is only the very surface of yoga and there is certainly so much more below this surface. And yet, I can’t deny that yoga has been helping me to stay in great shape for more than 10 years. Yoga has taught me to cherish my body shapes and has helped me find my sexuality and sensuality. The more I do yoga, the more feminine I feel and the easier it becomes to be my most fabulous Shakti self.


2. It helped me open my heart. 

Very often during my yoga or meditation practice I focus my energy on people that I have lost: relatives, friends, acquaintances. I close my eyes, open my heart and instead of sorrow, tears or hate, I send them love. Then a warm, cozy feeling raises, and I am suddenly smiling from within. I can feel my heart opened and raw, yet healing. Throughout yoga, by opening my heart to finding peace and letting go, and by facing my grief, fears and disappointments, I managed to actually step on a new path, ready to move forward instead of standing still.



3. I can practise anywhere I like.

Yoga is freedom. In every sense you could think of. Including space and location-wise. I could basically do yoga wherever and whenever I like. I don’t need any special equipment, or fancy extras. The only things I need are myself, my energy and my passion, and love for yoga. Nuff said.


4. It taught me how to take it slow. 

I used to be always on the run: studying, working out, traveling... I still enjoy being busy, as busy keeps me focused and organised. Yet, yoga taught me how to take it slow in life and enjoy every single moment to the fullest. I’ve learned how to find time for myself and for the people that I love, and cherish the time that I could share with them. I’ve stripped out all the stress, tension and rush in my life and learned how to just BE.


5. It taught me how to go with the flow. 

I love planning. I still do, but I definitely do it less than before. Yoga showed me how important it is to sometimes let it go, just go with the flow and stop planning every single step I take. Planning can bring a lot of comfort in our lives indeed. Yet, it also brings lot’s of stress as it makes us push ourselves too much in order to keep up with our plan and finish everything on time. But sometimes it is quite nice to be out of control of our plan. Control is not what would keep us balanced. Letting go of it will.


6. It taught me how to be present.

When I first started practicing yoga, I was quite disconnected from my body. Then I developed my breathing technique and my alignment, and little by little yoga managed to help me connect back to my body both mentally and physically. By focusing on my pranayama and by bringing awareness into the moment I learned how to be present and perfectly content. I started living here and now, and enjoying the present moment. Meditation also helped me big time in this challenge. 5 to 10 min of meditation per day: this is all that it took to have my life drastically improved. Meditation allows my mind some time to process everything that goes on in my life and helps me embrace focus, calmness and serenity with ease. This is the gift of yoga!


7. It taught me how to handle my emotions. 

Ones I understood what the essence of being a yogi is: it in not about physical perfection, it is about finding a mental balance, I became more balanced. Yoga taught me how important it is to maintain a positive mind and happy healthy spirit. I started working on eliminating the toxic emotions that I had been keeping inside of me for years and I gave way to my positive thinking. I still have a long way to go, of course. I can’t deny that every now and then I let certain emotions bug my system, but certainly less than before. And what’s more important: even if I let negative emotions and thoughts ruin my balance, I let go of them quicker that before.

8. I can practise it with my friends. 

I love inviting friends to my house to practise yoga together. Working out is always easier and more fun when you do it with people that make your heart smile. Sharing love, energy and sweat with your beloved friends can only make the experience even more special. After the practise you could always go for a nice brunch or even better: cook something super healthy together. This is what my friends and I do!


9. It reminds me to appreciate my body for what it is. 

Yoga taught me to celebrate my body’s essence and nature. I now love myself for who I am and I except, and salute every single flaw in my body. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin! I have a big booty and I am proud of it! I am rocking this curvy yogi body of mine like never before. Every day, I thank my body for all that it is, and honor its needs through 30-60 minute yoga practice or cross fit workout, organic cosmetics, whole foods diet, and lots of water. I also let this mantra resonate in my head every day:


“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

 10. I can enjoy wearing all those amazing yogi clothes. 

One of the best things in practising yoga is that I have access to all those amazing brands offering comfortable, organic yoga-wear. Yoga clothes are not only light and loose, but quite versatile and convenient as well. I can mix and match any leggings with any top that I fancy without thinking about colours match, or style, or brands. Yoga clothes also give me an absolute movement freedom and wonderful body shape. That helps me focus on my practise rather than on worrying about how my thighs look or if I would be able to go out of bakasana without ripping my pants.



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