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As a certified holistic coach and yoga teacher, Iveta helps people adopt an active way of living and a diet rich in real, non-processed whole foods. Book a free initial consultation now and learn how to obtain a lifetime of optimum health, vitality and balance.


As a certified holistic health coach and yoga teacher, I aim to help you adopt an active way of living and a diet rich in real, non-processed whole foods. My programmes are completely tailored to you and do not involve calorie counting, severe dieting or exhausting exercising.


My approach is holistic which means that the healing process that I offer considers the whole person - body, mind, spirit and emotions, in the quest for optimal health and wellness. Through healthy, balanced nutrition, yoga, meditation and breathing routines I can help you become your most healthy, happy and balanced self. 


  • My approach is holistic: balances body, mind, spirit and emotions at once.

  • I analyse your previous lifestyle habits and try to establish the root causes of your health issues. I focus on the Primary Foods (everything that's not in your plate, but nourishes your whole being, such as career, relationships, finances, etc.) as well as on the Secondary Foods (all the food that you consume) in your life. 

  • I look for your individual needs and develop a nutrition plan customized to your body, lifestyle and cooking ability; no calorie counting or dieting involved

  • In order to help you deal with the imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in your live, I integrate Yoga into the healing process by teaching you physical asanas, breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation.




  • One-on-one coaching by a professional coach in person or via Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

  • FREE initial 30-minute consultation to learn the background of your problems and understand your health history

  • A 3 or 6-month programme completely tailored to your needs and goals

  • Two, 50-minute sessions per month

  • Personal nutrition plan 

  • Daily guidance and support from me via e-mail during the whole programme 

  • Quick and easy recipes with preparation instructions

  • Yoga coaching: yoga sequences and classes, breathing and meditation techniques for specific health issues

  • Optional

         - cooking demonstrations and workshops 

         - healthy shopping tour

         - a monthly newsletter 

         - books, yoga videos, handouts and other materials





Flow Yoga Teacher Training Program (RYT 200), registered with Yoga Alliance, USA


Elemental Vinyasa Teacher Training (RYT 60), registered with Yoga Alliance, USA

  • YOGA CAMPUS (2018), Embodying Shakti (RYT 30), registered with Yoga Alliance, USA



For more information, pricing and bookings contact me at iveta@2healthapp.com


Looking forward to working with you and making your dreams and goals come true!



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