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May 2, 2018

February 12, 2018

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She who flows like water and dances like the wind. She who breathes with the ocean and emerges from the mystical cocoon of the moon. She whose glorious name is Delamay Devi is the inspiration for this interview.  

Delamay is one of those rare people whose...

Новият брой на българското издание на списанието OmYoga & Lifestyle е изцяло превзет от женската енергия: красива, вдъхновяваща и ефирна. Също като героинята на днешното ни интервю: Нина Сотирова, която е главен редактор на изданието и една от основателките и собствени...

Juan Gabriel is a new age healer with a big heart, delicate soul and inspirational mind. A very humble, yet successful and loved by his students and peers yoga teacher. One of Shiva Rea’s assistants and closest friends. He is also one of the most delicate and graceful ...

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