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A note from the founder

Through my more than 10 years of practice as a healthy lifestyle follower I realised that being fit and healthy is not about having six packs or reaching my ideal weight, or being skinny just for the sake of ‘fitting’ into society’s expectation. I realised that it was all about starting to love myself for who I am and accepting my little flaws and all, through having a healthy, balanced diet and life.


And when I say diet I mean a way of eating and living, not just a temporary regime. When we start a new temporary diet we don’t realise that we are not only torturing our bodies, but our souls as well. Our brain and spirit suffer and soon, not being able to handle the pressure any more, we just quit. This is when the sense of guilt and shame comes in: guilt and shame for not being able to resist the temptations and failing yet another diet. It feels like there is nothing left for us but to go back to our unhealthy habits. Our scales are shaken and we feel miserable, and unsatisfied with who we are and how we look…again. We have reached that grey area where we have started hating ourselves.


And then, running in circles over our ideal weight, we are constantly punishing ourselves with diets and plans that never seem to actually work for longer than a month or a year. It all sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I’ve been there. But I've learned that loving yourself has nothing to do with the way you look, rather it has everything to do with the way you feel.


This is what 2HealthApp is all about: helping you start feeling good about yourself regardless of the way you look. This app is not created to help you loose weight, although this will happen naturally as you will embrace new healthy habits. 2HealthApp aims to inspire you to live a healthier and more balanced life, and to help you start loving and accepting yourself not for just a month or two, but forever.


This app will give you a detailed guidance how to initiate a healthy way of eating, living and thinking, offering exclusive recipes, general health tips and flow yoga classes for different levels and tastes.

What exactly do you get?

- 10+ yoga and meditation videos

Detailed Yoga Poses Glossary

- FEED section with 40+ Tips for a healthy lifestyle plus the latest updates around 2 Health App

150+ healthy, quick and easy-to-make recipes with simple instructions, in four main categories

- 24/7 in-your-pocket support towards your health, wellness and happiness goals, that can be used anywhere and anytime that suits you

I am proud and humbled to have reached thousands of you who share my passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and use our application. For those of you already part of the community - thank you! And if you are new to it, give it a shot and a download. If you are not ready to commit, see our Instagram, Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel and if you like it, join us. 

~ Iveta

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2Health App gives you a detailed guidance how to initiate a healthy way of eating, living, and thinking, offering exclusive recipes, general tips and yoga videos. 

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